Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Year of Dates

Today is my husband's birthday and it looks like his gift is a success!!

I have been working for the past few weeks to plan a year of dates for us, with inspiration from This Blog.  My gift is essentially pre-planning fun times for us to spend together, once a month.  8 or 9 of the dates are activities we have never done before.  I spent a lot of time digging around for ideas and also asked some of our friends who have lived here a lot longer than we have.  Considering we probably only went out on 3 or 4 dates all of last year, I'm pretty proud of myself.  

I was planning to blog about this today and include a list of all of the fun dates we have planned. But my husband is not like me and he actually did not open every envelope right away to find out what the dates are! (I seriously can't even believe it. I can barely not tell him right now!) 

So since the dates are still a mystery, I am going to share our January date:  the 2012 Portland International Auto Show.  This isn't really a mystery or surprise date because we already planned to go back. My husband used to go every year, and I have gone with him since we started dating, but we have missed the auto show for the last two years. But this year we will go! Especially because there are tickets in the date envelope, so now if we don't go, we wasted the money.  (Nothing will convince us to conquer exhaustion or sickness for a day trip adventure like the threat of wasting $24!) 

I will update post-date with how things went and add our dates as we go along! 

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