Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yeah Baby! Socks!!

I spent my birthday gift certificate to our big local running store today.  I got my first pair of knee-high compression socks!! As much as I cannot believe I am even saying this, I am actually excited about them.  My friends who are "real" runners rave about them, and I hope they will help the calf tightness that I have to run through pretty much every time I run.

The best part of my running store experience today was the manager helping me with the socks.  In my size, they only had black. Not white. He was trying very hard to convince me that I would like the black ones (because some people think "Hey, the white ones will just get dusty anyway!"). He didn't have to try hard. First, my legs are pasty white, even in the summer, so white knee high socks probably wouldn't be cute on me.  Second, black is slimming, right? Third, I have delighted in my small but growing reputation for running in non-matching running clothes. I like colorful running clothes, and I like clothes that fit me and are comfortable. And affordable (i.e. on clearance). So if they fit those criteria, I will buy them and I will wear them even if I end up in a blue tank and blue running skirt and the blues are close to but not the same color. I guess I am not to worried about matching when I'm trying to survive the actually running part.

Now I get to throw my big, black knee high compression socks into the mix!! I'm not running again until Saturday, but I'm actually almost looking forward to it!

Note to self: next time I go to the running store, do not go immediately after finishing a run. Nothing like trying on new socks after peeling off sweaty, hot, just run in socks right in front of the manager. I'm sure he was thinking, "Damn right, you're buying those!"

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