Friday, January 6, 2012

Birthday weekend!

My husband's birthday is tomorrow! Mine was last month and I have to say that I'm more excited about his birthday than I was about mine. Does this say something about me? There are some surprises in store for the weekend that I am super excited about. With my own birthday, I didn't have the same anticipation.  Not that my birthday wasn't fun and good. Other people's birthdays are just more fun for me! Is everyone like this? Have I crossed the line from "young" to "not so young" now that I am over the attention of having a birthday and all of the hullabaloo(!!)?

Happy birthday to Eric tomorrow! May his 31st 33rd birthday and the coming year be an amazing one!

"Birthdays... I hate them, but I love them.  Have an X-ellent one, Eric."

"Take in the fact that I just did that!"

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  1. "Eric, you doin' the knee raise?! Eric's doin' the knee raise!" Thank you, honey.