Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Being Sick. It kinda sucks.

I'm sick. Maybe the title of this blog says all I need to say. Now I can go back to bed.

Seriously, I dislike being sick. I know that is probably a major surprise. I woke up today with congested lungs, a headache, some good "back of the throat drainage" and tired, tired, tired.

It isn't even the sickness that is that bad. Little Man was home with me today and played contentedly on the floor of the living room while I snoozed on the couch.

The worst part is that it seems like this always happens when I get on a roll with exercising and eating well. I have been getting to the gym regularly, and eating REAL food that has made me feel energetic and just plain good. Now today, all I want is a Pepsi, some Oreo cookies and to take a long nap. Boo!

Sorry if this is the most depressing blog post in the world. In a month full of blogs, there has to be at least one, right?

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