Big Girl

Some facts about my Big Girl.

She loves to do things her own way. Case in point, her birth. Big Girl was a surprise breech. Apparently decided late in my pregnancy that she wanted her head jammed up under my ribs. Came out "butt first and pooping" and hasn't looked back since.

She rocks a 70's style. She will tell you her favorite color is pink, but the color she wears most often is brown. Her clothes are not particularly retro, but she makes it work. Somehow even though she goes to Kindergarten at a school with a dress code, she is still able to personalize in her own unique way. Added to the style is her "crazy hair", which is gigantic and a mixture of curly and wavy that is pretty much always a mess. It suits her perfectly.

She is sometimes a sassy pants. By 3 years old, she had perfected the "I HATE YOU!" with accompanying stomping to her room and slamming the door. She rolls her eyes and puts her hands on her hips. If she gets really mad, she will yell "What the HECK!?!?" (She does get in trouble for that.) Most of the time the attitude strikes me as funny, but I also fear for my future a little bit. The teenage years are only... 8 years away. Or maybe 5 if she doesn't have to actually be a teenager in order for us to be in the teenage years.

She's a language girl. Her aptitude is for letters, letter sounds, writing and story telling. Recently she has gotten really interested in drawing pictures as well. Since July, she has filled 8 spiral notebooks with her work. 5 of those were hers, so you can guess who unwittingly provided the rest. Yes, she stole my list making notebooks! AND my magnetic grocery list pads!

You may be seeing Big Girl in the Summer Olympics in 2024. She is a gifted swimmer. She took Parent Tot swimming as a baby and has always really loved being in the water. We took a lessons break for a few years when we moved here. This summer we started up again. She started in "comfortable in the water but pretty much just messing around" class in late June.  By early August, she was swimming 25 yards freestyle. She is in lessons twice a week and loves it. She is picking up strokes really quickly and getting stronger. Her goal is to make it on to Junior Swim Team next summer.

Big Girl quirk: she's a finger sucker. She still sucks on her "tall man" and ring finger when she is tired or stressed. It is cute, but it won't be so cute when it is time for braces. Plus, now that she is living life, it is hard not to think about all the germs that she is putting directly into her mouth on a daily basis.

On that note...