About Me

It's me!

I'm an overachieving, first born from the Chicago suburbs. Growing up my family took a summer road trip most years - destination determined by where my parents wanted to watch a major league baseball game. We had occasional game nights where inevitably someone would say "We should have our own tv show!" Yes, we sort of invented reality television.

As a fine young woman, I had a handful of the kinds of ridiculous jobs teenagers have. Yes, I was a cashier at a chain office supply store. Yes, I cleaned water coolers in a warehouse. Actually, no, I didn't do a whole lot of babysitting.

I have been a softball player since I can remember. I played in the summer. I played in high school. I did camps in the winter sometimes. I played in college. I was actually pretty good. Now I coach softball.

I am trying to become a runner. It is not easy for me. Sometimes I wonder if I'm trying to force something that isn't going to happen. But I keep getting  better. Slowly. Very slowly.

I love my kids and my husband. They are my job. Before this, when I actually had a real job where I left my house, someone paid me, etc. I primarily did two things. I am a licensed elementary education teacher with a Master's degree and a few credits towards my reading specialist endorsement. Love teaching little kids! My other job was working with at risk teens. Specifically I developed and coordinated a program for teens coming out of jail and returning to their community. I taught life skills, helped them find jobs, got them back in school, made sure they got connected to whatever resources they needed and basically acted as "parent". In my job, I also got to work with teens from the homeless and runaway transitional living program at the same location.  Usually when people who know me find out about what I used to do, their response is "What the crap!?!?" or some variation. Yep, I'm certified in physical restraint, suicide intervention and have administered urinalysis tests for drugs.

In my current job, I do more things than I can even remember to say. If it relates to running our household, I usually do it. Except mowing the lawn and most things that involve using tools. For the most part, I play, wrangle children, help with homework, and answer a never-ending stream of questions from Little Man. I volunteer at the kids school doing a few different things. I am also pretty involved at our church.

What else? I read books and am in a book club. I like to workout. I *sometimes* write a blog. I'm an INFJ. I love sports, but particularly: Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears, U of Michigan college football, U of Illinois college basketball. I've been in the Pacific NW for 6 years and still don't care one bit about either the Washing/Washington State or Oregon/Oregon State rivalries. You cannot make me pick sides. I like to bake and attempt to save money grocery shopping but so far am a failure at couponing.

I hope you enjoy my blog. It is what it is, right?