Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day!

Today we had our annual school's cancelled, snow day. Where we live we get measurable snow about once a year (this statement based on the whopping 2.5 winters we have lived here). Yes, we live in a place where it hardly ever snows, so when it does people FREAK OUT and everything is cancelled. (I am from Chicago, so I'm kind of a "I can handle the winter driving" snob, though I definitely defer to my Denver-raised husband.)

In short, I am the middle person here:

And I am slowly becoming that totally bald guy whatever-it-is on the left.

My kids are loving having a day off of school, though Big Girl was a little upset about missing kindergarten today. And they were both pretty mad at mom last night that I wouldn't drive them 10 miles to swim lessons. I told a "mom-lie" and said lessons were cancelled, even though I think technically they weren't. But, trust me, no one was there.

We spent today playing in the snow/sleet. Snow play started in the backyard, with Little Man using my scraper/brush to clean the play structure. And the pine tree. And the patio table. And the worker trucks.  Big Girl is more like I was as a kid. She takes FOR-EH-VER to get all of her winter stuff on, all the while insisting we wait for her, and then after about 5 minutes starts whining about being cold and goes back inside to cry. (This would be harsh, except I totally acknowledge being the same way.)

Then we moved out front for some sledding fun. One nice thing about having a vacant house on our street is that said vacant house has a pretty steep driveway perfect for a short little kid sledding session. We spent some time sledding and throwing snow at each other. Same thing repeated again this afternoon. Big Girl = big, overly emotional drama fest. Pathetically standing in the office with the window cracked open saying, "Mama? When are you and Little Man going to come inside?" Me and Little Man kicking and throwing snow like crazy people.

Then Little Man asked me to "sled" him. So I walked him up and down the street a few times. Then I thought I should be more fun than this, like his Daddy probably would be. And I got this insane idea to try to run [in my snow boots that are a size and a half too big with one insole that is all bunched up] down the street [unplowed of course] pulling Little Man on the sled in probably 4-6 inches of snow.

I made it up and down our street for two laps and then I felt like this:

I am very thankful that Little Man only weighs about 35lbs. And that our house is warm. And that we are having chicken pot pie for dinner!

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