Monday, January 2, 2012

All about the binders

I have an unnatural love for binders. I think I love binders so much that other people (besides my husband) might actually be aware of my binder-love.  If not, I guess I am outing myself today.

I have a lot of binders already, but created a few more during the past two days.

The first fabulous binder is for meal planning.  I love Clean Eating Magazine and their regular budget friendly dinner feature. And their 2 week meal plan. LOVE! The problem has been keeping them accessible for cooking.  So yesterday I spent part of the day tearing all of these meals and ideas out of all of my magazines. Yes, they are now in a binder!! I'm using clean page protector sheets to hold the dinner recipes for the week.  Easy to see, protected from cooking related mayhem.  I think I like it.

Binder two: bills and receipts.  My husband's tax situation is "special" (in the way that "special" implies that I hate the complicated and outside-of-the-majority way we have to do his taxes). We have to keep all our house related bills and any receipts related to the house or household for taxes. Usually what happens is I throw all of that C-R-A-P into a basket until the pile becomes so heavy that I cannot lift said basket, then I curse about it for awhile, then I spend 2 nights sitting on the floor filing all of it until my butt goes numb. Not anymore!! My new binder has month tabs so when the bills come, they will be three hole punched and put straight into the binder.  So far it isn't fancy, but I'm already envisioning my brand new life next year at this time when I get to skip the routine described above and I can just pull out the binder and be done with it.  *angels singing from a divine light*  There is also an envelope in the binder for all of the receipts that have to be saved.  Love it!

And last, today's binder. It's name is... my name! Complicated, I know.  Inside I'm keeping our family calendar, my half marathon training plan, the class schedule for my gym and the movies showing in the cinema room, and a few other pages that I regularly check in with.

I used some of the leftover scrapbook paper from our teacher gift project so now all of the binders are cutesy and matchy, but not all the same.  The only thing better than binders are pretty binders.

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  1. I love school supplies, too. Like, love them. I will go to Target and buy them in August and donate them to schools in Chicago, I love school supplies so much. I may have a problem.