Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day... PS - You're old!

Yesterday was Grandparent's Day. L & B's grandparents may be wondering why they didn't receive anything for this special holiday. Well, there is a reason...

In the middle of last week, I started an online search for Grandparents Day related coloring sheets for my kids to color for their grandparents. At "almost 2" and 3.5, coloring sheets are just our speed and a lot easier on Mommy than trying to get them to produce some other kind of project.

Quickly, I realized I was going to have a problem. My kids' grandparents are just so darn young! All 4 are in their 50's, and definitely do not look "old". I don't think sending them a coloring sheet with a "You belong in a nursing home" underlying message would really elicit the celebratory response we were going for. And I couldn't help laughing at the suggestions of "Play bingo together" and "Visit their nursing home" as suggested Grandparents Day activities (though I don't think my parents - or Eric's - would find that as funny).

 I thought I found a winner here. Nana Sharon loves to garden, so I thought "Granddaughter-Grandmother gardening" might be a good one.

There are lots of canes and glasses in "Grandparents Day" coloring sheet world, not to mention extremely conservative clothing.

Cane: check! Glasses: check! Conservative clothing: check!
This one goes one step further, "You're old and you need a better bra."

There is just something creepy about this one.

"Your metabolism isn't what it once was, Grandpa!"

I ended up finding more generic coloring sheets and/or pages that said "Happy Grandparents Day", rather than ones with pictures of grandparents. There would definitely be a market for coloring sheets with young, fairly hip grandparents for occasions such as this.

Happy Grandparent's Day to Grandpa Barney, Grandpa Mark, Nana Sharon, Papa Sisu and YaYa!

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  1. I appreciate the idea that we're not doddering! And the coloring too!