Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Entering the Political Arena

As the child of politically active parents (one of whom is in the news business), I think I am more politically aware than most of my peers.  There are plenty of political questions and ideas that I don't understand. But I actually do like watching debates. Endless debates with too many candidates and no real answers. I even enjoy debates between people I would never want to vote for.  I also enjoy cable news political commentary, reading newspaper endorsements and politics based articles.

I personally consider myself an independent.  As a Christian, it seems most of my friends consider me "liberal", though actually I am a fancy mixture of liberal and conservative.  I will admit that I was an Obama voter in 2008. I was even a donor and a t-shirt purchaser.  Like many Obama voters, I have been underwhelmed -- though I do feel that most of the "blame" for our current situation in this country comes from the prior administration, gridlock in Washington and the way-way-WAY too large role lobbying and money in general play in our government.

Let me be clear, I would consider voting for someone other than Obama this year.

I have been watching the Republican presidential hopefuls fairly closely over the past few months. I have seen most of the debates, watched as the anti-Romney candidate of the moment came and went, came and went, came and went...

I continue to be baffled by what appears to be the Republican belief that Mitt Romney is the "most electable" candidate among their presidential choices. I must misunderstand the term "electable".  With approximately 40% of the country considering themselves Independents, I have a hard time believing that any of those people would seriously consider voting for Mitt Romney after a head to head campaign against Obama.  With the Republican factions of social conservatives, Tea Party and big business pulling in different directions (with some overlap), I guess Romney must appear to be the best blend of those things... BECAUSE AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER HE HAS CLAIMED ALL OF THEIR OPINIONS/INTERESTS AS HIS OWN.

Personally, I would think that the "most electable" candidate would be the one who could appeal to independent voters while also strongly addressing the economy and jobs.  If I were a strong Democrat, I would fear Jon Huntsman far and away over Romney.  Huntsman is the candidate that I could see taking weak Obama votes away.  And yet Huntsman sits at 10% of the vote, ignored by most everyone.

What a bummer this primary season is turning out to be. At least with a Republican candidate Romney, I can pull out my old Obama t-shirt for another few months!

PS -- I have come to believe that Rick Perry might be one of the dumbest politicians ever. And that is saying something.  James Carville agrees with me...

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