Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It sounds like a train in here... must be time for school to start!

Back to school time is upon us. This is Sister's first "back to school" since last year was her "first day of school". She is making the jump from 2 morning a week preschool to 5 morning a week pre-kindergarten. It has proven to be a fairly easy transition for her so far: same teachers, already knows most of the kids in her class, Daddy still around as principal. We'll see at the end of the week whether 5 mornings in a row causes serious crabbiness or not. Thank goodness she still naps!

Little Man and I are getting into a blessedly low key routine while Sister is at school. And it goes a little something like this... (hit it!)...

Drop Sister off at school.  Come home and play cars.  Head to the gym for a workout and Kids Club. Pick up Sister and head home for lunch.

As I'm not completely obsessed with playing cars like some people in this house, I'm hoping that we can add a little variety in the playing time and go to the park or library or something every now and then, but I'm not holding my breath!

Little Man has had a few weeks to get used to the gym Kids Club and has done well there. It has been an adjustment for him to go without Sister, but after a minute or two of tears, he has been fine.  I am very thankful that he has a fall birthday so he is going to be a little older when he starts school.  He would NOT be ready this year AT ALL (even though he never shuts up and is known for busting out words like "thermostat").

Yesterday we had a nice relaxing time playing cars out on the grass in the front yard. So quiet now that all the kids are in school! Today, those early fall winds are whipping around the neighborhood, so we opted for... cars in the living room! See? Some variety already!! We had a nice conversation about where heaven is, how we get there, whether Jesus has a car and a garage, if there is a thermostat in heaven, etc. (I'm sure everyone's 2 year olds ask about thermostats in heaven, right???)

And Sister? Loving school so far. She has graduated from not wanting to tell me anything about her day to telling me some specific things she did during the day. Her favorite part: "All of it". Oh, and snack.