Little Man

Some facts about Little Man:

He's a math and sciences kind of guy. Memorizing is "his thing". He is not quite 4 years old, but can count to somewhere around 120. He can identify the symbols of about 20 makes of cars, and many models as well. He has completed 100 piece puzzles by himself. Just by hearing us talk to his sister, he knows his full name, the names of everyone in our family, his phone number and most of his address.

He loves cars. First word: "car". Favorite toy: cars. The only movie he watches: Cars. Mural on his wall: Lightning and Mater. Lunch box, backpack, water bottle and most of his jammies feature Cars characters. One of his favorite playing activities is to line up cars. He drives them and "parks" them. Sometimes I will flip one around so that it is "backed in" when he isn't looking, but he always notices right away.

The child is all belly. No waist. Stick legs. Long, skinny arms.

He loves "worker trucks", but is sometimes scared of them. We like to walk to the end of our neighborhood where some new houses are being built to look at the construction and whatever worker trucks are available.

He has always been scared of mechanical sounds. Vacuum, blender, hairdryer, hand dryer in public restroom, toilet flushing, robots. Not a fan. In fact, terror is the best descriptor. He is actually getting much better about that stuff, but still won't dry his hands in a public bathroom.

Little Man likes old people and teenage boys. He made his first little kid friends this year when preschool started. Now he has 2 little kid friends. Rejoice!

He is going to be 10 years old before he poops in the potty. Seriously. My kids are close together in age. I have been dealing with diapers since 2006. Little Man is almost 4. I am ready to be done. He is interested in remaining a baby, apparently.

Little Man loves his Mama. And his Teddy Man, who has had more nose jobs than Michael Jackson thanks to having his face sucked on throughout the night.