Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Year of Dates: February

Last Sunday, Eric and I went on our second "A Year of Dates" adventure.  As I said repeatedly, to the point where it wasn't cute anymore, "Happy February date!"

Eric STILL has not looked at the entire set of envelopes, as far as I know. And I STILL cannot believe it.  But, February's date surprise was ruined. (January wasn't actually a surprise because he knew about that date before the whole "A Year of Dates" thing was started.)  Anyway, this time the date surprise was revealed because our date was almost ruined.

You see, on the outside of each envelope I wrote the date of each date (!!) if it was to occur at a specific date/time. Some of the months are flexible, others are for a specific event.  And then I also gave Eric a list of all of the dates and times.  But still, Eric managed to schedule the church voter's meeting where he had to make his school budget and staffing proposals for the EXACT TIME of our February date. To cut him some slack, the following Sunday was part of a three day weekend, and the Sunday prior didn't give the church constitution mandated amount of time from publishing the meeting time until the meeting took place.

For a day or so, it looked like we might have to cancel our date in favor of the church meeting. But Eric actually outed himself on Facebook about it, and the ladies came to my aid, telling him to reschedule the darn church meeting, for goodness sakes! So, the church meeting was rescheduled for the three day weekend, which brought some grumbling. If you are a grumbler, now you know. The meeting was changed so that my husband could keep a commitment he made to his wife. So there!

And now...

The Date: A trip to the Capitol Theater in Yakima (we'd never been) to see the the New Shanghai Circus...

(We did not see all of this stuff - I think this video is a couple of years old, but you get the idea...)

The Envelope: 2 tickets in the center of the first row of the upper seating area

It Went a Little Something Like This...

My mom was supposed to watch the kids for us for the afternoon and evening, since we had more than an hour drive each way, but she ended up having to fly out for her job on Sunday morning.  So our friend agreed to watch the kids for us instead, which was really nice because it ended up taking a good amount of her Sunday.

We had a nice drive to Yakima, seeing "the sights" which are hills, a few small towns and... well, that's it, really.

This glider guy flew right over us on the highway.  Cool! 

We got to Yakima with about 20 minutes to spare and found parking within a few blocks of the theater.  There was a slightly homeless looking guy walking towards us as we started walking to the theater. Eric was convinced he was going to try to steal his car. Yes, his early 90's Honda Civic hatchback with power nothing. (To be fair, it is a fairly desirable parts car.)

The Capitol Theater is a cute little old theater. We had really great seats in the center of the first row of the upper seating. A little extra leg room, no one directly in front of us.  It was only a problem being so high during one routine where a performer left the stage and went down into the floor level seating. We couldn't see her at all. But that's ok. We saved $30 by missing those 2 minutes of the show!

I have a serious problem with taking pictures of myself with my cell phone. That whole "push a button and the phone flips around" thing is beyond what I can comprehend, apparently. 
We saw spinning dishes, foot juggling, crazy acrobatics, amazing flexibility, awesome strength, a Chinese dragon puppet, tight rope walking, things being balanced on top of heads, hanging and swinging from cloth and some not-so-great dancing.  There were many times when we were in awe.  It was fun.

After the performance, we came down the two flights of stairs and saw the performers in the entryway!!

We were both hungry but decided to skip the Olive Garden on the corner and try our luck heading out of town to see if we'd find something. As we were leaving Yakima we came upon a seafood restaurant that looked good.  We risked a pricey meal and went inside. It was a nice little place, good food, pretty empty, slightly high prices and incredibly slow service. But it was a nice meal and time spent together.

Next Month: Finally a surprise!! And another date involving some thing/place we have not been before.  Here is your hint: it involves another state and more create talent. Do you have a guess?

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