Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I Learned from January

February is here, which means I survived BlogHer's National Blog Posting Month challenge for January. Technically, I failed because I did not post every single day in January, but I sure got close! And a couple of days I actually posted twice, which I think should get me some make up points.

I won't be doing NaBloPoMo for February, but do hope to write at least a few times a week this month. 

Guess what else I did last month? I didn't drink pop! 

Unfortunately, when I stop drinking pop, I increase the amount of coffee and flavored lattes to make up for the caffeine and sugar. So for February, I'm doubling up: no pop & no lattes. I am switching to herbal tea, but allowing for 1 cup of unadulterated coffee in the morning. 

And because I like to do things in 3's sometimes, like right now, a third goal for February: by the end of the month, I am going to finish the grand master planned re-do of our home office.  I have my eye on an ugly little desk someone is selling for cheap on Craigslist. It will fit perfectly into my plan and the guy is only asking $25! The plan involves painting, switching out the current bookcase with one upstairs, smaller desk, beautifying the ugly metal filing cabinet, and a few other changes. I'm going to go all HGTV style and do all this stuff by myself, with a budget, and totally cheery and smiley the whole time. Uh-huh.

So, three February goals:

1) Blog "a few" times a week
2) No pop, no lattes
3) Update the home office

I must also like the number 4 because there is one more I just thought of! I am going to stick to my duathlon  training calendar workouts, even though they are totally kicking my ass! Literally, my butt hurts. (At least it's in a good muscle-weary way, and not the "I spent too much time on the spin bike and my butt is super tender" way.)

4) Continue with duathlon training

Check back at the beginning of March to see how I did with my goals! 

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