Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blogging the Academy Awards... for 20 minutes

I usually try to see as many of the Academy Award best picture nominees as I can. This year, I managed a pathetic 3.5 out of 9. (I saw the 2nd half of Moneyball in the Cinema Cardio room while running at my gym and then didn't care enough to watch the whole thing.)

We are interested in watching even though we haven't seen most of the movies. We probably will see most of them eventually anyway.

We broke our family rule to watch the opening by Billy Crystal while still eating Clam Chowder and french bread for dinner. We almost never eat dinner with the tv on. Sadly, this is the kind of thing that makes us break our rule.

Hey! There's Tom Hanks and... wow!... his lines are NOT FUNNY. AT ALL. Is he making fun of the old man seat filler in the blue tuxedo or honoring him?

Alright, Hugo just won the first two awards. Didn't see it. Harry Potter! A movie I did see!

Some kind of film montage of people... looking meaningfully at each other? And Jaws? Eric says, "What is this?" I do not know the answer. Now people are laughing.  There's ET!  I think we are seeing the range of emotion that movies convey.  Deep, deep stuff.  I am proud of myself because I actually know what most of these movies are. I think that means I'm getting old.

Now Little Man is mimicking the acceptance speech of the costume design guy from The Artist. "Well, this is thrilling." "This is thrilling... Hey! It's not funny!"

I don't really think it's funny, or thrilling. This might be one of the most boring Academy Awards shows I've ever seen, so far. And whatever is going on with their microphones... yikes!

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