Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Ballad of Big Girl

Big girl loves to tell stories. Often, she will draw pictures and narrate them as she draws.  The details are always amusing. And she has a distinctive narrating style that finds it's way into all of her stories. Not only with her word choice, but also the tone and the multiple voices she uses. You can tell the girl has heard a lot of stories in her day. 

Here is an excerpt from tonight's story. Along with a picture. She doesn't know I have been sitting here typing as she talks.  She did let me take a picture of her with one of the drawings she made while she was telling her story. 



It was Valentine's Day. All I wore was a crown. And yucky shoes, I suppose.

Then Ms Glass walks over to me at lunch time.

"Oh no," I say. "Now what are you going to do?"

I say, "Wait a minute! You are actually a nice teacher!" I say, walking toward her. "I didn't know you are nice!" She told me how special I was, and that I was not in the huddle.  

Then Ms Glass looks over at me. And then Marie came walking over.  She is my friend, Marie. She's not a very nice friend.  She is a bad princess.

"What's going on?" she tells me. "Uh," so I tell her. And we become friends again. I tell her what was going on, as I have longer hair. "That doesn't mean you don't have to play with me," I tell her.  "It means you have to LOVE me!" I tell her. "Even if my hair's down?"

Ms Glass was a better [sittering?]. Marie does not look positive. 

I tell her, "I just have sloppy hair." All she has is one broken, bent crown. That is all she has in her city. And old, plastic shoes.

Ms Glass walks over and says, "Who is being a good citizen here now?" "Uh, Ms Glass, you have a funny hair bow." Then the biggest kid in the whole class came walking over. You know who that was? The guy with the yellow, yucky shirt! 

I tell her what was going on. I was the tallest one in the class.  And I had the most humongous bangs. I showed them I wasn't very responsible. I was teaching other kids. I had HUGE leggings. I am sorry for all the bad stuff...

But then, Nancy, the shortest kid in the class, walks over to me.  She tells me "Don't worry!" All I had is a black shirt and black pants and a gold two piece crown.  We become nicely, goodly, silly friends.

The End

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