Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Through the Eyes of Little Man

I was going to write today about my new smartphone and, specifically, how difficult it is to use and how NOTsmart it makes me feel. But, since the whole situation has made me so anxious that I probably need a sedative, that will wait.

Instead, I will share with you some photos taken recently by Little Man on our real camera, which I know how to use well enough to upload photos on to my computer. (I'm looking at you, Devil Spawn Droid Phone!)

A few glimpses into the world as seen by Little Man...


Painting. Tarantula.

Leftover snack.

"Sold" vacant house with new neighbors and still a "Sold" sign.
Blog About This House

Plants. Across the street. 



Rubber band. 


Hat. TV.

Art Way Up High. 



Toy Bench. (LWML mites box holding tiny lego men)


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