Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February = Fail

It's a good thing that February is the shortest month of the year, because I feel like I was a pretty big failure for the last 28 days! All of my positive energy and momentum from January must have been used up over those lengthy 31 days. I pretty much suck.

At the end of January, I blogged about some goals for February. There were 4 and I didn't really accomplish ANY of them! Yikes!

But, I did go to yoga today and successfully accomplished wheel pose! It was my first attempt since September 2010.  And, I did go to the used book store to buy the next book our book club is reading and discovered that my credit there was not the measly "about $10" I thought it probably was, but was instead... $55!! Today was a "win", but the month... not so much.

Blogging "a couple times a week": I think I averaged 2 posts a week, but in a month with only 4 weeks, that isn't saying much!   There were a few things I wanted to blog about, but then I didn't have time or energy. And there were a few times I sat down to blog and ended up blogging a whole bunch of complaining and whining and erasing it because... well, it just isn't that interesting to other people.

For March, I am planning to mix it up a bit and do this "March photo of the day" challenge. For me, it will be a double challenge because not only will I actually have to take the picture, but I will need to figure out how to get the picture from my futuristic techno-phone on to the internet so that I can put it in the blog. I am also going to be optimistic and plan to write a little about the picture.

No Pop, No Lattes: Honestly, I thought I had this one in the bag. I didn't drink any pop at all in January, so eliminating the flavored lattes should be easy. But again, failure. I think it was the pressure that got to me. All of the sudden I psychoed out on pop and lattes! The girl at Dutch Bros knows me now! *hanging head in shame* I pulled it together at the end of the month by "giving something up for Lent" for the first time in my life. You guessed it, pop and lattes! So now in addition to knowing that it is a healthy choice that moves me closer to my clean eating goals, I also now have Jesus's sacrifice on my side. Not even kidding, more than once in the past week I have said to myself, "If Jesus can die on the cross, I can get through this day without a Pepsi."

Did I mention that one of the blogs I wanted to write earlier this month but didn't was going to be about the really strange things I sometimes hear myself saying in my own head? Unfortunately, those things are usually said while I'm in the shower, driving, or chasing lunatic children and blogging at those times is inconvenient.

Continuing on through Lent to Easter with no pop and no lattes!

Update the home office: Laughable! Here's how far I got with that. I went to Home Depot and bought the Wall Pops I need to do this awesome awesomeness, I briefly stalked a desk on Craigslist that I loved and then it was sold before I could call the guy about it. I taped some paint samples to the wall. And that is it.

I did do a major room cleaning and reorganization of Big Girl's bedroom. She is completely lacking in organizational skills, and even basic "clean your room" skills, so this took me the good part of 1 day. And I noticed that our playroom is a disaster that probably deserves one of those gigantic "Got Junk?" dumpsters to be pulled up to the back of the house. It is still a disaster, but at least I noticed, right?

Keep up with duathlon training: I really did have the best intentions here. We were out of town for a few days, my kids have been sick, and for the last almost 2 weeks I have been dealing with a weird energy-sapping, but otherwise symptoms like a seasonal allergy flare-up mystery sickness. Within the past couple of days, that stuff is finally gone, but now I've got some back and hip tightness that scares me. (Last year I pulled a muscle in my lower back and while it was healing, my lower vertebrae and left hip got messed up, which caused my back and leg muscles to spasm and I ended up with twice weekly chiropractor visits for 6 weeks before I could even function as a person. So the muscle tightness stuff is something I don't mess around with.) As of today I'm back to the gym -- 2 weeks away! not good... -- but I did yoga/pilates in an effort to loosen up a little bit. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. I am still moving ahead with my April duathlon plans though, until I get to that "I can't walk" stage.

So, there goes February. And after tomorrow, we welcome March. Here is some of what I have in store:

** Starting a new mom's Bible study with some other women from the church & school! Hooray! Mommy hang out time AND it is at my house, so I will be forced to keep my house clean.... er.

** Softball season is here!! I put WAY too much energy into being the volunteer coach of a middle school girls softball team. But I love it!

** Taxes! This time the exclamation point is supposed to indicate terror.  We will find out in the next week what kind of crazy government smack down we are going to receive because of the short sale of our former home last summer. If all goes well... home office updating! If not.... Amanda in the fetal position wrapped in a comforter, drinking Pepsi and eating Oreo cookies.

What do you have planned for March?

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  1. Don't be so hard on yourself. Awareness is good, and you can move into March with some of those items still on your list. I have 3 to do lists going on my "smart phone" at any one time, which is probably 2 too many, but it works for me. I have things I want to accomplish sometime, things to do today, and things that I want to accomplish over the weekend. It's constantly changing depending on what I'm able to do in a day and what I add to it. Where do you get wall pops? They look awesome! Do they come pre-cut or can you cut them to fit smaller items? I think it would be cool to decorate some smaller storage boxes with pretty sticky paper. Do you think it will work? As for March, my goals are to finalize my workshop for the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston, outline my book, and blog more. I think you have some great goals!