Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Year of Dates: March

Last weekend Eric and I went on our March date as part of our Year of Dates.  For those of you who just joined us, for Eric's birthday I gave him a Year of Dates -- one date a month, pre-planned and mostly pre-paid. Our lives have gotten really crazy over the past year and this is a way to make sure we have some couple time (other than zoning out in front of the tv next to each other after the kids go to bed).  This is the third month, obviously, and I have to say that the pre-planned date thing has been good for us. We, especially Eric, have been super busy and when our date rolls around each month, I think we both realize that we would not have carved time out to be together on that particular evening. We would have collapsed at home or gone to bed at 8pm.  But we go on our date instead and it has been nice to spend time together. The only problem with the system so far is that I planned all the dates and focused on planning things we have not done before, but the dates haven't been particularly "manly" so far. Other than the auto show. Maybe that is enough manliness for the whole year.

March 2012

The Date: A night out in Richland to see the Hanford High School drama department at their dessert theater. We haven't seen any local theater since we moved here, but Hanford High's drama department has an excellent reputation. Plus... DESSERT!

The Envelope: Two tickets, procured drug dealer style when I met up with a drama girl outside Big Girl's allergist's office and exchanged my check for the tickets; and a little advertising flier I picked up somewhere that said a little bit about the drama program

Eric officially does not like the part of the date where I make him pose with the envelope.  I thought this one was cute though -- some of the performers were lined up at the entrance to welcome people as they walked in. I have a couple of pictures with them photo crashing with weird faces, but they were blurry because Eric started getting annoyed and I was taking the pictures on the move! 

It Went a Little Something Like This...

I had never been to a dessert theater, and we didn't know much about how this was going to go. And by "this" I mean the most important part of the evening: dessert! Each person received basically a tasting plate with a few different desserts. Luck of the draw, you got whatever the server put in front of you. Here are our plates:



Dessert was good. The performances were really great.  There were some full cast numbers from Music Man, the spring musical at Hanford High.  And then some of the students who placed high enough in competition to perform at the state level (this weekend!) performed their pieces. So there were large cast numbers, solos, monologues, duets and 2 person acting scenes.  After every 5th or so performance, there was a 15 minute break and ongoing silent auctions.  

Some pictures!! 
Stubborn in Iowa - Music Man

Scene from The Producers

My 2nd dessert!! 

Eric's 2nd dessert! 

Not for the Life of Me - Thoroughly Modern Millie

Trouble (in River City) - Music Man
 Overall, it was a fun evening.  Not really Eric's "thing", but the kids were REALLY good. And did I mention there was dessert? It was a good "date we've never gone on before", and we got a chance to talk and walk around together during the intermissions.

Next Month: April will be our first month date that isn't tied to a specific day. So we are adding in a little challenge, which is to make time for the date! We decided on our March date that we are going to sit down with a calendar SOON and mark the date in, set in stone.


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  1. This is such a great idea! Like you said, it's so easy to just do what we've always done, which for us includes a mix of sleep/tv/homework on any given night. Planning it out makes it a priority. We need some couple time and I just may take up your challenge (as if you just challenged me directly! he he).