Friday, March 23, 2012

Today I Tried Something New: Planting Strawberries!

Coming to the end of the second year of our backyard landscaping adventure, I took a big step today. I planted strawberries!

I am not much of a gardener. Growing up, we lived in a townhouse where the landscaping was taken care of by the homeowner's association. Planting annuals in containers on the deck was about as garden-y as I got.
I had a small amount of success creating a corner garden in our last yard, but used plants transplanted from friends yards - friends who actually know something about gardening.

When we moved into our house here, one of the big draws for us was the backyard. We have just over a quarter of an acre, and the backyard was a blank slate. A flat, large area of grass. Eric's mom made us an awesome landscape plan that we started working on over spring break of 2010. I posted about that adventure HERE! (Even with before and after pictures and everything!)

Since that spring break -- 2 years ago now! -- we have added 2 trees, numerous (but only about 1/2 of the plan's worth) of plants and shrubs, landscaped the front yard, had the curbing work and patio extension done and had a gigantic pergola built.

The plants and trees will come with time - a few a year until we get everything in. But the part of the landscape plan I am most looking forward to, and hoping we can start this spring break, are the raised planters for gardening! I want to try to grow some vegetables, herbs and possibly fruit!   Our plan calls for 4 6X6 raised planter beds. I am hoping for 1 or 2 this spring.

And then I am stuck. Because I have never planted vegetables or done any skill-requiring gardening. Yikes! I bought bean and zucchini seeds the other day at the store. They are in their packages, waiting patiently in the kitchen for me to figure out what to do with them!!

The other day I was looking at a large black pot that Eric put out on our front porch when he did his last manic garage decluttering and clean out. Yes, he cleans by putting empty pots out on our front porch. I thought, "This needs... something!" And then strawberry plants went on sale!

I did some online research. Probably 10 whole minutes worth! And then went to the store. Got a little sidetracked and ended up buying these!!

  And, they're rubber! (or something)

I did actually also buy strawberry plants and some veggie/fruit related potting soil. I ended up picking an "everbearing" strawberry variety - see? I've already learned something because I didn't know there were everbearing, June and one other type of strawberries that I can't remember now! 

This morning I planted my strawberries. Hopefully they will live. My first decision needs to be made soon because some of the plants are flowering and I read that if I deflower them, it will take longer to get strawberries, but when the strawberries come there will be more of them. Kind of a "patience pays off" thing. Or I can leave them and cross my fingers for at least 2 strawberries to grow at some point so at least each of the kids can pick one! 

Happy spring to you! Hopefully where you live it is nicer than it is here, where we are still hanging on to gross "not quite winter" disgusting weather for the most part. And may your gardens bloom this year! =) 

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  1. I'm proud of you! You will love eating your own produce. I would come help you if you didn't live 20,000 miles away. I planted my garden yesterday. :)