Friday, March 9, 2012

Today I Tried Something New: Folding Fitted Sheets!

A couple of months ago, I blogged about how my house appears to be clean, but actually I hide all my junk in closets and cabinets.  I've been trying to tackle those areas over the past week or so. It feels really good to accomplish those little jobs.  Our closets and cabinets are not that big, so most of these jobs are things I can squeeze in during part of an afternoon.

Today's goal was our upstairs hall closet.  I should have taken a "before" picture, but I didn't. It is a small closet that holds: dog paraphernalia, toilet paper, kleenex, towels, hand towels, wash cloths, thank you cards, bubbles, batteries, candles, swim goggles, sheets for our bed and the guest bed, reward stickers, glue sticks, childproofing gear and a whole bunch of other small homeless items.

Most of this job was easy for me. I weeded out items for the garage sale tub. I put some things in their new "rightful place". I filled a bucket with all of the random crap and will be organizing and weeding that stuff out right after I finish doing this!

The stumbling block came with the sheets.  I have long since used the organizing method of putting the sheet set inside one of the pillow cases so that it stays together. Only I do it like this: carefully fold the 2nd pillow case.  Carefully fold the flat sheet.  Fold the fitted sheet in half and then jam it into the pillow case. My pillow case organizing solution ends up with fat, round balls of sheets, instead of the space saving and visually attractive version you see here:

So, today I set out to learn how to fold a fitted sheet. Naturally, I turned to Martha Stewart.

OK, lie. I googled "how to fold a fitted sheet", got a ton of results, scrolled down a little and then figured, "Martha Stewart probably knows how to do this." 

I watched this video.

I am not familiar with Martha Stewart's tv show. I have never watched it. I only know her reputation as being super creative, organizing and skilled in all things homemaker-ish.  

First, how condescending is she at the beginning of this clip? "Some people, hee hee, can't tackle simple tasks like... folding a fitted sheet!" She might as well roll her eyes and point at the lady. Or me. 

Then she calls the lady's sheet "pitiful"!!! Twice!  "You just can't have a nice linen closet if you put that... pitiful THING in your closet! Shame on you!" (OK, that was me inserting what she was actually thinking instead of what she was saying.)

So then they bring in the sheet folding lady and practice folding sheets.  Here Martha becomes more humble because she isn't doing this without flaw.  And that poor lady!! 

I watched the video. Honestly, I watched 3 of the 4 minutes of the video and then I turned it off. 

I have to say, I feel like I did a little better than the "I can't fold my sheets" lady. But my end product actually did not look much better than her first, "pitiful" version. I didn't care. At least they were more flat than they were before I watched the video.

Hopefully Martha Stewart will not show up at my house and inspect my closet. I wouldn't want to feel her wrath. And what would she say about my towels?? 


Update, a little later....


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