Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Library Book Addiction

There have been periods in my life when I was a frequent library visitor, but never as frequent as recently. Little Man really enjoys Library Story Time at our library, which coincidentally is on the same mornings that he does not have school. He also likes playing games on the library computer.  He has not yet figured out that he can play the same or very similar computer games at our house. We do not actually have to travel to the library so that he can color pictures on the computer.  Pictures like this. That I just linked to. At my house on our home computer.

Once or twice a week we go to the library for story time, and so that Little Man can play on the computer.  While he is doing his computer stuff, I have 20 minutes or so to think about... books!!

I have become seriously addicted to checking out books from the library! Especially the New Releases, as you may have gathered from these earlier posts. I love wandering through the New Releases and reading the blurbs for the ones with names and covers I like. I also admit that I have figured out how to put a GoodReads app on my fancy phone, so I can find a bunch of "to reads" with just a few weird movements of my fingers. And a pair of glasses.

The addiction part comes in here. I almost cannot stop myself from checking out new books!! For example, right now I have 100 pages to go in a library book. Another library book waiting on my bedside table. And, I have a book to read for book club that meets at the end of the month. And, I want to re-read The Hunger Games before I see the movie because I am an overachiever like that. Not to mention my physical "to read" shelf in the bedroom that currently has about 10 books & 3 magazines that I own and haven't yet read.

I am a girl who does NOT need to be checking out more library books for myself at this point.

Today I avoided checking out books for myself only because Eric asked me to check out a book for him. So that way I got my book fix on without saddling myself with more book reading responsibilities.  Oddly enough, checking out 5 Elephant and Piggie books does not seem to help with my library book cravings. (Little Man is in LOVE with these right now because he can read them himself.)

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