Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome to my brain!

My brain used to be full. In addition to a pretty large brain collection of pop culture trivia, music lyrics and quotes from movies, I used to know a thing or two about sociology and education. I could hold a relatively intelligent conversation about a good number of things (steering clear of anything that falls into the enormous category of "science"). I accomplished some relatively impressive things in my career - I helped people, and I helped people who were helping people.

Since 2006, the working portions of my brain have been slowly draining away. I picture the "Days of Our Lives" hour glass. Are you picturing it? All of those "sands of the hour glass" are particles of my long and short term memory being slowly siphoned away by this...

And, more recently, this...
On a daily basis, I feel like I'm losing my mind. This week alone I have lost, spent at least an hour searching for, and eventually found: my checkbook, duct tape, car keys and my gym shoes. I wander around my house digging through trash and drawers, looking under couch cushions, lifting furniture and tearing apart my kids rooms, all the while muttering to myself about how "I am not this person". And yet, apparently I am.
This blog will be a record of the day to day life of a stay at home mom - a woman who loves being a mommy but would also like just a little bit of sanity. Welcome to my brain!


  1. I am loving this and laughing, too...I am totally with you on the muttering, "I am not this person" as I wipe someone's bottom for the 10th time in an afternoon. Your kids are adorable - I'm glad you started a blog.

  2. mandy-
    I will pray for you every day...enjoy your brain half full time. God has big plans for these special minutes, hours, days and years. What a blessing you've been given. I am confident you will continue to make the most of each day as you have ever since L. was born. I am so proud of you - seriously proud Amanda, of the woman of God you are, and continue be...and how you continue to grow in Him & let Him stretch you. Keep letting Him stretch you Mandy - even when it hurts.

  3. Amanda,
    This is very interesting. You are a very good writer! I remember the long days at home with babies and toddlers well, even tho' it's been a while for me. I remember wondering if my brain was 'turning to mush', from only talking to children all day long. Despite the daily challenges and frustrations, I still think of those years as 'golden years'. Not only was I teaching my kids - they were teaching me, too! It also helps to keep your sense of humor intact and not take yourself (or them) too seriously! Most of all, I'd like to tell parents of young ones: Enjoy them all you can while they're little, because they really do grow up (and away) so incredibly quickly! Have fun!