Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So many snacks, so little time

I am officially the mom of a school aged child. Thursday, it is our turn to bring snack (and, also, L's first ever "picture day"!). Being the kind of mom I am - "type A" but trying not to be, conscious of not feeding my kids or anyone else's sugar, wanting to make things easy for her teachers - I am racking my brain to come up with a good snack idea. I don't have the time or energy to do some sort of super impressive, crafty treat. I found a bunch of those online. But if it involves using a leaf shaped cookie cutter (to make a snack that goes with this week's "leaves" theme, naturally!), I'm just not going there.

Instead, the kids and I trolled the aisles of CostCo yesterday looking for ideas. I think I've settled on cheese sticks and multigrain crackers. The cracker box explicitly says that they were made in a nut-free environment, so we've satisfied the "avoid problems for kids with nut allergies" requirement. If I unwrap all of the cheese sticks ahead of time, then that is a relatively clean and easy snack for the teachers to deal with. Maybe I'll throw in some apples, too? Fuji's are on sale at our grocery store for $.88/lb right now, so buying 8 wouldn't break the bank.

Cheese, crackers, apple. Hopefully that will be good. Today I asked L what her snack was and she seemed disappointed. "Just a small graham cracker." I think that means that someone forgot to bring snack so the teachers had to break into their emergency snack stash. Alas...

Right on the heels of the preschool snack on Thursday, I am also bringing snacks for Bible study preschool hour on Friday. These ladies made it easier for me by actually telling me what to bring. No stress about making the right choice! Friday the snack goes with the Bible story, which I am going to guess is Joshua and the battle of Jericho. I am to bring "Rice Krispie Treats cut into rectangles" and chocolate frosting.  I can't say I'm completely thrilled about the nutritional quality of the "snack", but frankly if my kids like the preschool hour and I can get in some good Bible studying with other ladies one morning a week, I'll deal with it. And I'm sure my kids will love the special treat.


By the way, I found out this morning that my blog has been accepted onto BlogExplosion, an online blog directory. I actually had to apply and have my blog approved, so that's pretty cool! 18+ people think my blog is interesting!


  1. Ah yes... the snack bucket was one of our favories! Here's a secret. Ready? Ok. Fruit. That's it. A crunchy bag of apples can easily be quartered and dispersed to feed the throngs and bananas are a big hit. Cut 'em in 1/2 and you can fill up those little tummies in no time at all.

  2. Wow! Crackers, cheese, and an apple? Mrs. S & Mrs. S call that the "full meal deal". :) I usually do just as the comment above says... apples! But then, I have an non-eater. Some kids thrive on a big quality snack. Have fun with your first snack day!

  3. What can I say, my kids are pigs.

  4. I love your snack idea. I try to get parents to bring things like that for birthdays, but it's usually cupcakes and junk. So, we celebrate birthdays at the end of the day and at least I don't have to deal with the sugar effects! I'm mean!

    Congrats on your blogexplosion! Of course your blog is interesting! I've never heard of blogexplosion, but they must have good taste.

    Happy snacking. I am craving Rice Krispie treats now!