Wednesday, September 16, 2009

VictoriaElizabethQOC = Cool stuff

Meet my friend, Victoria. She doesn't know this, but when I refer to her I almost always call her "Babyfit Victoria", not like I know any other Victoria's that I am differentiating between. She is enormously creative and makes beautiful clothes and costumes for toddlers, on top of being a stay at home mom of 2 toddlers (both girls, with the same age span as mine) and pregnant with her third, a woman of faith and someone who desires to live a healthy life as much as possible.

I knew Victoria made little things for her daughters, but had no idea the scope until L's 3rd birthday, when she received this:

It was, without a doubt, the hit of the party! And ever since has been a top tier dress up outfit for not only L, but also for her brother...
I'm following yesterday's post with this because Victoria has made and is, I think, still making pretty cool costume sets for dress up. I'm especially liking the Clown Princess outfit!
Check out her site (link is below), and if you like what you see, drop her a line of encouragement or buy a cute little item for someone you know who loves a little dress up!
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