Friday, February 26, 2010

NBC Olympics coverage conspires to steal much needed sleep

I have always been a big fan of the Olympics.  I remember watching every minute of figure skating as a kid. I remember Rosalynn Sumners competing in the Olympics when I was 7.  I loved it enough that I love the movie Ice Castles (which I just found out is being remade soon INCLUDING a remake of Melissa Manchester's Through the Eyes of Love).

So, it drives home all of the things I have been hearing from friends about how horrible the Olympic television programming is this year.  Last night they didn't start showing the women's skating here until well past 10pm. I'm pretty sure my parents weren't keeping me up that late to watch figure staking while I was in elementary school. Pretty much nightly I sit down to watch the Olympics, check out the little blurb on the "info" about what will be showing and am moderately to very interested in what it says will be on in primetime.  But every night I have been disappointed as the programming during the hours I am normally still awake (8-10pm) includes highlights of snow dogs or ice fishing and "thrilling" events like cross country skiing or ski jumping (my least favorite winter Olympics sport). 

Seriously, I know I am a stay at home mom and a person who tends to need more sleep than average, but does the average person REALLY stay up until midnight so they can watch figure skating or speed skating? I'm truly perplexed. Maybe I just have a really warped sense of what other adults are doing at their houses while I am fast asleep.

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