Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My commitment to overcommitting

I've been away for awhile. Living the busy life of a mom - sick children, sick me, busy husband, travel with husband (and kids) for school competition, training for a 5K, book club, etc. etc. etc.

Our family is now well into the 6th month we have been living here. Know what that means? Time for me to start committing myself to way more things than I can probably handle! Why? Because I like too many things and lots of people/groups need helpers with time, something that I have, at least in theory.

o·ver·com·mit (ō'vər-kə-mĭt')
v. o·ver·com·mit·ted, o·ver·com·mit·ting, o·ver·com·mits
v. tr.
To bind or obligate (oneself, for example) beyond the capacity for realization.

I kind of like this definition because of the use of the word "realization". It calls to mind REALITY and REAL. As in, can I REALLY expect to do all of these things, in REALITY?

I'm currently playing with the idea of committing (overcommitting?) to two fairly large, but short term, responsibilities at our church/school: head softball coach for the middle school and Vacation Bible School coordinator.

Softball coach:
+ desperately needed, I love softball and have some skills (or at least I did 10 years ago when I last played!)
- problems with what to do with my kids during games and practices

VBS coordinator
+ in the past the church has apparently had trouble finding a coordinator for this, it's up my alley in the "organizing, planning" skill set
- I am totally unfamiliar with VBS and the amount of work scares me

In both cases, it would be cool to do something to help provide a good program for some of the BL kids and I'd get to know more BL families and moms better. And, in both cases, it would mean adding significant time to a new commitment when I sometimes feel like I'm barely holding it together as it is.

Thinking, thinking...

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