Monday, January 4, 2010

On Fabulousness and Lack of Privacy

Back to school time for Eric means back to blogging for me! I'm entering 2010 feeling pretty good -- those vitamin D suppliments must be working their magic...

This morning I got a glimpse of what life might be like for celebrities.  The kids were busy eating breakfast so I decided I could spare a moment to go to the bathroom all by myself (a rare treat for a mom with 2 toddlers). The next thing I know, the door flies open and my 3 year old daughter is taking my picture with our digital camera! Talk about invasion of privacy!

On a similar "celebrity related" note, I was thinking this morning about some of the people I know who are, at least in my mind, "fabulous". You probably know people like this, if not in real life, then from television. Women who are in shape, fashionable, and always seem put together. We used to live in a town with many more of these people - Eric and I still call them "Bend Moms" for this reason. I think it's much harder to be "fabulous" when you are a mom than if you are, say, a young single woman with a well paying job and living in a trendy location.

Anyway, this morning I was thinking about those fabulous people and, in particular, fabulous moms. I admire the "put together-ness", not necessarily the "fashionable-ness", though my interest in that is probably only lessened because I am so hopeless in that area. I was wondering to myself, "How do these women BECOME fabulous?"

Is it magazines? I've been treated to a handful of free Shape magazines lately (long story) and wonder if I read more magazines whether I would suddenly have fuller, shinier hair and a desire for trendy high heeled, pointy toed shoes.

I really don't know the answer. How do people learn what is fashionable?

I realized, in thinking about this, that there is a major barrier to my attaining fabulousness, which is that I don't really care that much. I don't care enough to spend time every morning flat ironing my hair and applying a level of makeup that is actually discernable to passersby. The best I can hope for is an outfit that fits, without stains, and a little bit of mascara. Luckily, my husband and children seem to like me this way!


  1. You have natural beauty and don't need all that stuff! Seriously! You looked SO pretty when you were at my house (I was jealous of your hair, too!)! The pointy shoes are hideous. WHY? gag!

    And I LOVE that Linnea did that!

  2. It is interesting that some people -- fabulous ones, I suppose you would say -- are beautiful and are very self-assured that they are. And then, there are other people -- many more of them, I think -- who are beautiful but never seem to recognize it. It's amazing to me how so many people see a different person in the mirror than the rest of the world sees. I put you in that category, Mandy. Your recent pictures, in particular, are just stunning. You're more "fabulous" than you realize.