Friday, January 29, 2010

I've been disabled by Facebook, but not while in London

Yesterday I blogged the story of the hacking of my Facebook account.  Someone used my account to ask for money (it went something like "Oh, poor me, I'm in London and I've been mugged. Send me money."). I thought it was all taken care of this morning, but early this afternoon my facebook account was disabled. Supposedly that is a result of the hacking and is some official measure they take while they investigate the security breech. At this point, I have no idea. The end result is that I don't have access to facebook anymore and my account doesn't currently exist. I have no way of knowing when, or if, I will have access to my account again.

I've been doing some websearching, in an effort to figure out if I will actually get my facebook page back eventually and have found that being disabled by Facebook is fairly common. And apparently it always happens without any kind of notification or warning. Doesn't that seem like a pretty major failing of such a large social networking site? What if I wasn't online at all yesterday and I didn't realize that my account was hacked? I would have attempted to log in today, found my account disabled and had no idea why. As it is, I received no response at all to the email I sent the "support" team, following a link in the barely-helpful-enough-to-escape-being-not-helpful "help" page. I continue to wonder if I will get my page back.  Or maybe it will be a couple of weeks, in which time I will realize that Facebook isn't worth it anyway...

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