Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Man Feels My Pain

Today I got my influenza shot. I am not "sold" on them and wrestled back and forth about whether to get one, but today I decided it might be a good idea since Eric is a school principal and L is in preschool. We may see more germs this year than in years past.

The flu shot line was not very long - we were 4th in line when we got there. I had Little Man in a shopping cart so I wouldn't have to try to fill out my paperwork, stand in line AND chance him around the store. L was a great helper. She held my papers after I finished filling them out.

Little Man was extremely patient, despite the fact that he has come into his own in the "terrible twos" department. That is another story for another time. The short version is that while his sister's "twos" was filled with stubbornness and arguing, Little Man's has, so far, been full of whining, feet stomping and crying at the drop of the hat. He has always been a "momma's boy", but we're getting into some other category beyond that. Is there a name for such a state?

So, back to the flu shot story, Little Man was hanging out in a shopping cart while the nurse was completing her record keeping. He seemed perfectly content. And then... out comes the vial and needle, and Little Man absolutely lost his mind. Crying with big crocodile tears, begging for me to hold him, flailing around in the cart.

At first I thought he was scared of the needle for himself, but after a minute, I realized that he was actually scared that the nurse was going to hurt me! I tried to calm him, while also relaxing my upper arm and keeping it on the table so I could get my shot. It was a helpless minute. I felt, and feel, really bad that he got so upset. He is a sensitive little guy. And today I learned that he's not only sensitive about himself, but also his Mommy. What a sweetheart!

Not to forget L, she sat next to me on my chair and held my non-shot arm's hand so that I "can be very, very brave". I love my babies!

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