Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dear City of Kennewick,

I am tired of waiting for you to fix our yard and driveway after the city water main break that occured 2 weeks after we moved in to our new house. Do you realize it has been 3 months since that happened? And 2 months since we filed our claim? And 1 month since your claims adjuster told me we'd be receiving a letter "within the next week" updating us on what is going on - a letter we have never received?

Frankly, I do not care if it was the city's fault, or the fault of the contractor who installed the water main. I care that half of our front yard looks like a disaster zone, half of our driveway has settled, there is a boulder holding up our air conditioning pad, our fence has settled and is basically inoperable, there is a stray dog that comes into our backyard through the area where the dirt and rocks were displaced, and there is an island of dirt, silt and rocks in the middle of our backyard.

I am seriously considering the option of hiring an attorney. I have no doubt that the suit we file would result in our property being fixed. The plus side to having this happen only 2 weeks after we moved in is that I have a beautiful binder full of photos and descriptions written by a 3rd party home inspector that I have never met. No room for excuses - it's pretty obvious what happened.

Did I mention I have pictures?

City people, I appreciate that you have been very "friendly" and courteous on the occasions that we have spoken, but really, enough is enough. Don't you think it's about time we get this taken care of? At the very least, cut us a check so that we can call the contractors we consulted for estimates and let us take care of getting things fixed ourselves. I would rather not deal with the hassles of attorneys. But, we are not going to pay for our yard and driveway to be fixed out of our own pocket either.

You know how to get in touch with us.


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