Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yard Santa Therapy

We are in the middle of a freezing rain/ice storm - our first since moving to SE Washington. One downside to living in a low traffic neighborhood is that our streets have stayed slick even when the ice has started to break up a little in town.  The result - I've pretty much been stuck in the house with the kids for the past few days.

Yesterday our blow up santa couldn't blow up because he was weighed down with a thick layer of ice. I decided to get a little workout and return our santa to his "awake" form.

As the air started to try to blow him up, I did a little kickboxing workout on the half inflated santa. Some good kicking and punching broke up the ice enough that he was able to inflate.

I'm sure I looked a little psychotic to any neighbors that happened to see me out in the ice, kicking and flailing at a full sized blow up santa. But really all that matters is I succeeded in freeing the santa from his bonds of ice, and he was able to "wake up" and greet the kids again last night!

(It looks like I'll get to relive my kickboxing glory again tonight as we woke up to another day of ice today.)

Little Man with the blow up Santa on a warmer day

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  1. Please take some video footage next time...I need to see this action! :)