Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hey! It's (the middle of) April!

Welcomed back into the open, waiting arms of my blog.

Things here are as they were. Office still isn't re-done. Backyard still doesn't have raised planter beds. I still intend to do those things, someday.

The last few weeks, and the next few weeks, are going to be BUSY. And, hopefully, fun.

It's nice enough to play outside!! I cleaned out the disgusting backyard toy storage container and threw away the empty/broken/gnawed on junk inside and replaced it with cool, new outside toys for Pippin to chew on.

**Interruption by Little Man, who refuses to wear shoes in the backyyard and now has a splinter in his foot. Cool Snoopy bandaid to the rescue!**

It's also softball season! Normally this means coaching the middle school girls softball team. This year, it means that + me playing on a women's church softball team.  I admit I am a little skeptical about the whole thing. I have never played slow pitch softball, or on a "women's team", and I am having flashbacks to high school PE. But, first practice is Monday and I am looking forward to it. Eric and the kids have never seen me actually play softball, so even though this will be a far cry from my college softball days, it will be something new for all of us!

I have been in a workout funk.  I had a mystery ailment for a few weeks that left me nauseous and really tired (and, no, I am not pregnant), and I lost all exercise momentum. Truly, ALL. EXERCISE. MOMENTUM.  I combined that with truly horrible eating habits, with the lovely result of having pants that are almost too tight! High five!

So, that is my new news. I am more consistent with exercise when I have a goal, and a plan. So I now have a goal and a plan.

The goal: the Tough Rhino Mud Run on June 9th

(I guess that means I have some characteristic in common with a rhinoceros? My aggressive disposition? Scaly skin? Large size? Actually, I am not sure if rhinos have scaly skin. But I sure do!!)

The plan: Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer

The first 4 weeks of this 12 week training program actually specifies NO CARDIO. It's all about weight training.  I actually started with the training program first, and then decided the mud run would be a good goal because it is a 5K but also will require strength.

I am finishing up week 1 this weekend. It's pretty rough: "rest days". I do have "before" pictures, but trust me, those will never see the light of day until the "after" shows some serious change. Or unless I become a celebrity, and my dino-computer gets hacked.

Happy spring everybody! I hope you are enjoying beautiful, get your booty outside, weather!

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